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Post by MelleYeah » Wed Sep 21, 2011 1:57 pm

Someone lost a 4 or 6 month old the WOODS Friday night. Jackie tried to take it from Camp Dave to the Bikers cabin, but he wriggled away from her. About 10 minutes later he came right back up to me, I snagged him, held him til HE STOPPED SHIVERING FROM THE FREEZING COLD, wrapped him in a blanket and brought him in a box to the pavilion and left him in the office. He soiled the box and blanket OUT OF TERRIFYING FEAR so some one put him in a larger plastic bin. Joel fell in love with him and liberated him into the pavilion. JERKFACE IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS came for him Saturday morning....said jerks LOST HIM AGAIN SATURDAY he spent another night with Joel who gave him to a more fit owner Sunday morning.

To Whoever lost the kitten at the venue TWICE: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( I held the little guy for an hour Friday night trying to warm his little body back up as he shivered from the cold and fear of being alone in the woods with thousands of loud people. Fortunate for you, I wasn't around when you showed your face to reclaim him after THE FIRST TIME YOU LOST HIM. He would have died in the woods in those temperatures because of your irresponsibility. You never had to see how scared and cold he was when we found him. No, you were off having fun. I hope you never get your hands on a poor little creature! :((((((((((
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Re: Meow

Post by greenbeans » Wed Sep 21, 2011 4:30 pm

I know, that's awful. Me and my girl walked by the poor thing being held by a staffer, pissed us off the unbelievable selfishness, cruelty, and stupidity. Glad someone good took him home. Lot's of dogs this time too, although all I saw were on leashes with responsible owners, but still worried a little bit.
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Re: Meow

Post by IamKrystal » Fri Sep 23, 2011 8:46 pm

"Traz" as Joel named him, is very happy, very warm, fed, and loved. In fact, he is probably annoying his new sister, Xena, who could be an identical twin of Traz if she wasn't 6 years older. Even though I have his own bowl for him, and I feed him first, as soon as he hears Xena's dish getting filled he runs straight for it possibly thinking her food is better... but alas all he finds there is a growling pissed off older cat and my arms ready to scoop him up to remind him that he can't have both bowls.

My plan upon bringing him home was to bring Xena back to my parents house which I had taken her from just a couple weeks ago, so that I could keep and love Traz who has been called several different names from several different people. Traz became "Little Frank Sinatra" in the arms of my boyfriend, and later "Little Sean Connery" just 20 minutes later. I insisted on honoring the name Joel had given the cat but this only lead to the kitty being called "Little Joel" for about an hour. An agreement had to be sought between myself and the people in my life and so Traz has two names. I call him Traz when he is being a little bugger and his formal name is now "Mr. Echo." Partly because I am a LOST fan, but also the name fits when he is compared to Xena due to their close resemblance. I am allowed only one cat due to my lease and my roommates have granted me a month to foster the cat because they have come to love him too.

Ultimately, my hope is to convince my parents to take back Xena mostly because I feel she would be happier in their big house with the dog and family she had grown up with, giving me the freedom to love and raise Traz/Mr. Echo, but as of yet, they are still mourning the death of our oldest cat who passed away the same night I took Xena home with me. Joel and I are in active communications and we both acknowledge that the cat will always and forever have a home. The Wormcat is affectionate, curious, and as I like to call him in only tenderness, a little bugger! He brings joy to my household and he seems to love the music we all make as I live with 2 musicians and I sing all the time. He runs in the room, looks up with his head a little tilted, and is just content to be with 3 people who protect and love him even if it is just for a short time until he can be reunited with Joel. Either way, he will never again be lost and lonely. I'll try to add a few pictures of him up on Facebook as well so stay tuned!

I've come to have sympathy for his owners who had brought and lost him at Wormtown, but dude, you brought a fricken kitten to Wormtown and you were even given a second chance to bring him home where you could keep and take care of him properly. You FAILED!
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Re: Meow

Post by stephanieleigh » Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:31 am

Its so good to hear that kitty is in a good home! It broke my heart saturday night.
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