Divorce Ceremony

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Divorce Ceremony

Post by trapperworm » Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:03 pm

Hey Hey Wormy Vernvilly Fam...
Another great one has come and gone and we had some seriously good times this time around (not to say we haven't before 8) )...
As some of you may have seen, we had a first for Wormtown and the Vernville stage.
This year Longtime Worm Longhair and his wife of 6 years Rachel celebrated their mutual decision to end their marriage peacefully.
We have heard a little flack about this and I wanted to hop on and get into the open that it was truly meant in good fun and love.
Chris (Longhair) and Rachel have been friends for a long time and spent a lot of time together as friends and a couple. They worked well together and made a beautiful son who many of us know well. Rockin' little dude too. 8)
But they did discover that their time together had run it's course and they were happier as friends.
They treasure the time they spent and the life that they have made, but understand that not all good things are meant to last.
So they chose to share their mutual decision with friends and do it with a sense of true Wormy style and with a solid Wormtown sense of humor.
So we want to thank all who were there to witness and take part in the fun and for those of you who might have missed it, Mark has asked me to post the transcript of the ceremony for us all to read. :)
So here ya go... And for the record, Rachel wrote most of the ceremony so don't yell at me for what I said. 8)

Rev. Trapper: "Chris and Rachel... As you guys go forth to live your lives as individuals, do you promise to honor in memory the time spent as husband and wife? Do you promise to love and respect yous son and never put him in the middle?"

Soon to be former couple: "We do."

Rev. Trapper: "The time for anger is over. The time for blame is past. Do you both promise to release each other from emotional debt and release yourselves from guilt and anger?"

Soon to be former couple: "We do."

Rev. Trapper: " Do you Chris, promise to never make Rachel wash your your dirty hippie clothes ever again?"

Longhair: "I do."

Rev Trapper: "Do you promise to never lie and tell her that her ass doesn't look fat in something when in truth it sure as hell does?"

Longhair: "I do."

Rev. Trapper: "Do you promise to no longer make your one phone call to her when you get arrested?"

Longhair: "Maybe."

Rev. Trapper: "Do you promise to never again refer to her as your "Old Lady"?"

Longhair: "I do."

Rev. Trapper "Rachel... Do you promise to never nag Chris again even when he is acting like a child?"

Rachel: "I do."

Rev. Trapper: "Do you promise to no longer use sex as a weapon against him to get what you want?"

Rachel: "I do."

Rev. Trapper: "Do you promise to not slap or give the "evil eye" when he looks at or comments on other women?"

Rachel: "I do."

Rev. Trapper: "Lets face it guys, he's a dirty old man, he's gonna comment."
Rev. Trapper: "Do you promise to never dress him up or ask him to be on his best behavior ever again?"

Rachel: "I do."

Rev. Trapper: "Do you guys accept that even though your time together has passed, that there is love for each other between the two of you and you will always hold love for each other as friends and for the time you spent together?"

Just about single couple: "We do."

Rev. Trapper: "Cool... I now pronounce you guys... No longer married... Chris, you may now go kiss someone else and guys... The line for Rachel starts right here (pointing at crotch)."

So there you have it... The first Wormtown divorce ceremony... It was a good time and Strangfolk proceeded to put on a killer set to cap it off...
We had a great time doing it an all those involved have nothing but love for each other as family and friends.

For those of you who were there, we thank you for coming and for those of you who would like to see it again, our friend Mike at Drum Jam Videos recorded it and has posted it on facebook...

http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php ... 481&type=1
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Re: Divorce Ceremony

Post by hippiemick » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:06 pm

Great job Trapper
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