Hello from Ratboy Jr.!

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Hello from Ratboy Jr.!

Post by Ratboy Jr. » Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:16 am

Howdy Folks, just wanted to say hello and remind everyone that we are playing at 10AM on the main stage on SAT. We play music for Little kids and big kids, so we are excited to kick things off on SAT! So, please come on down and lets start rocking out first thing in the morning. We love festivals!! We actually meet the Wormtown Family when we played in the kids tent @ MTN JAM!! You can check us out @ ratboyjr.com and i will post a bio below. We may also do an afternoon set as well!!! more ino TBA. We are so excited to meet yall!!!!

and now for the BIO:

Ratboy Jr. is Timmy on vocals and guitar and Matty on drums and keyboard. Yup, he plays them both at the same time. You should see him make pancakes! They are a rocking duo for all ages. Two guys, a guitar, a slide whistle, some drums and two pairs of pants. Ratboy Jr. has become known for their humorous banter onstage and they perform energetic, insightful and sometimes improvised tunes with hooks and stories that will get stuck in your head. Catchy songs about emus, garbage men, and family road trips. This is music for kids who want to rock out and for parents who want to kick it old school on the dance floor.

Ratboy Jr. has been really busy on the road making lots of new friends. They have played large festivals such as Mountain Jam, Clearwater Festival, and The River Family Music Meltdown. They’ve played at a lot of medium clubs around the northeast, including The Bowery Poetry Kids. They also played on a small stage at a large chili bowl. Earlier this year, Ratboy Jr. was handpicked to be the house band for this year's Kidtopia series (WDST) in Woodstock, N.Y.

Timmy and Matty have played with such big kids as The Ramones, Uncle Rock, Pete Seeger, Dog on Fleas, and Bob Dorough (School House Rock). Ratboy Jr. is also making it to the airwaves and have been played on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, Gooney Bird Kids, WDST, WKZE, etc.

Lots of folks are really starting to dig Ratboy Jr, check it out:

“The two-man rock band performs its catchy (and often improvised) tunes with a side of onstage banter to break up the music.” Time Out NY

"Ratboy Jr. is the new thing. They've got charisma and charm. They've got hooks and stories that you will get stuck in your head. When you hear them you'll want your own Ratboy Jr., but you have to share them with everyone else." Dean/ Dog on Fleas

“Ratboy Jr. is top notch family entertainment and was truly a great addition to our stage.” Ulster County Fair

“I don't know what's in Ratboy Jr.'s juicebox, but I want some of it." Uncle Rock

“Ratboy Jr. brings a mischievous wit and sublime humor to a blend of fresh freestyle and catchy acoustic guitar-smithery.”- Wavy Davy/The Chronogram

“Raw, organic, fun, songs.” Rick/WKZE

“When Kidtopia needed a fun and dependable house band for our 2009 winter concert series, Ratboy Jr. was our first pick. I knew the way they connected with an audience would win people over…I was right! Mike/Kidtopia & WDST

“My new favorite band” Olivia/ Nine year old
Ratboy Jr.
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